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hose visiting here arise from diverse experiences /understandings, cultures, religious beliefs and those just searching for Scriptural evidence may think,

"What is this stuff they are showing us here?"

Well, what this stuff is, is the original calendar our Creator gave man at His creation. It is the calendar of Genesis 1:14 where it speaks of the luminaries in the heavens being for days and years. It is the lunar calendar farmers in mass still plant their crops by.

It is according to Scripture, where Isaiah 66:22-23 tells us when this earth is renewed, this calendar will also once again be restored.

The Luna-Solar calendar expounded upon throughout these pages was never intended to be removed from the minds of man, but through thousands of years of influence, we have relinquished our minds to modern ideology. This is not, nor has it ever been the intent of our Creator. The prophet Daniel warned us against this calendar man wanders after today called the Gregorian calendar.

For the consummate iconoclast, every belief within the boundaries of Scripture should be seriously explored.

We now know today, the majority of our teachings, beginning as a child has been to mold the mind into this foul earthly kingdom. Today is the day you have come to this website and have been presented with the opportunity to study the ways of Scripture, the way our Creator originally intended for life to peacefully exist on this earth.

The lover of truth must allow all assumptions to be over thrown or upheld, with adequate consideration. Please bear with me as we consider the question: "Does this website presents truths from Scripture?" Let's explore these pages with an open mind, balancing all things from His Word, "Proving all things."

Be blessed as you search these pages for the original intent of the ONE who has created all things.

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"

We would like to thank you for visiting this site.
If you have never heard of the concept of a lunar-solar Sabbaths,
Please prayerfully study and consider the content written within these pages. Blessings.

Hover your mouse over Scripture verses to view the text.
Try it, when the page fully generates, an underline will appear under the verse,
then hover over this verse. Genesis 1:14

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The following bullet points are topics we explore on this website.

  • A most important point is, do not take our word for anything. Do your research!

  • The evidence is in plain sight, the heavens still declare His glory, just as the day of creation.
    Yet the Roman church proudly vocalizes her achievements to the world.
    Including being the "Vicar of Christ" on this earth.

    Hmmm, might that fact alone justify and support many of the changes we see she has made?

    • Literally millions across the face of the earth know, understand and adhere to the calendar of our Creator.
    • Those who were seeking these truths, prayerfully continue to research and put the two and two together.
    • You need to know going into this, man's ways today do not correlate with what Scripture teaches. WHY?
    • First, compile all the evidence from Scripture and archaeology before coming to a conclusion.
    • Get outside during the daylight hours, AND during the night hours. What exactly do you see? And why?
    • Do you know why the moon is in broad daylight 50% of a lunar month?
    • The signs in the heavens are as true and accurate as they were at creation.

  • We will provide undeniable proof it was the Roman Catholic Church who changed both Times and Laws.

    • Most know they changed the laws, but do not understand the significance.
    • Every soul alive today was born under the Gregorian calendar, this timepiece is the norm.
    • As faithful stewards, we need to understand these actions by the RCC church.
      • If you claim to be "Christ on earth", would you not dispose of the original?

  • The task of this website is to put two and two together, so others can clearly understand the significance and ramifications of what the RCC church has accomplished.

  • When a month begins.

    • What do the heavenly bodies reveal?

      • Some begin their month at the first visible crescent. (FVC)
      • Some while the moon is dark, are there really any signs visible in a dark sky?
      • Others at the horned Crescent, just after the FVC, thus compounding multiple errors.
      • We will reveal why different groups commence a new month at different phases of the moon. Why isn't everyone on the same page concerning this? The answer is quite simple, Scripture and history reveal this answer.

    • What does ancient archaeology reveal concerning this important topic?
    • Might the true Israelites have left clues for us to follow?
      • Yes, they did indeed, and the answers are scattered across the plains of this earth.
    • We will be covering these topics in great detail in both text and videos.
  • When a year begins?

    • Again, the luminaries in the heavens gives us the answer.

      • What does ancient archaeology demonstrate?
      • We believe the Israelites did things a little differently than we were taught in sun-day school!

  • Remember this very important point. It was Pope Gregory who had to adjust and adhere his calendar to the natural laws of what our Creator had placed in the heavens, not the other way around.

  • A topic we will be covering soon is, Who is this, "Jesus Christ" anyway?.
  • "The Calendar of Creation" YouTube channel is an extension of this website. Feel free to view the current presentations there today. We will be adding more content soon.
Please take your time to prayerfully and carefully read the following pages,
considering the ways of our Creator.

A Hierarchy Is At Work In This World

The Two Babylon's
Contained throughout the multiple narratives in Scripture, it gives us warning after warning of our Creator calling His people to "come out of her." In the ancient Hebrew, the actual words are not an invitation for us to "come out of her," but a command for His people to "get out of her my people."

Babylon has been, and continues to be, the residence of sin for centuries on this earth..

If you hope to follow the Father, Creator of lights unconditionally, however He may lead you away from Babylon, this site is for you. It is our prayer, along with the desire of our heavenly Father that the material shared here becomes the most important, the greatest focus for the balance of your life. We will share why, how and when, worship has been taken from the Creator of all things, and its significance in today's life.

The calendar of creation,
It hangs in the heavens
Job 26:7

The counterfeit Roman
calendar, adopted 1582
Click to enlarge images

This is the counterfeit,
It can only hang on a wall
Daniel 7:25

Our Creators Calendar

The conception of a counterfeit

The counterfeit calendar

This is "Natural"

Our Creator gave
this calendar at creation

Psalms 19:1-6 Isaiah 66:23

These, Have destroyed ALL things "Natural"
The tomb of Pope Gregory XIII celebrating
the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.

Rome forced this calendar in,
it took over 300 years
Changing "Times, & Laws"

Daniel 7:25

Yes, there are those who will argue the point that the calendar of today organizes our life in the way it needs to be for today's lifestyle.

The question begs to be asked, and the fact remains, there was an original intent/calendar that had been designed in the beginning, this calendar would bring His people to His feet for worship, each Sabbath according to the way He had set them aside.

It is time to choose, the way of the Master, or . . .

What is going on here?
Let us break this down as we acknowledge some realities.

  • We know our Creator placed the sun moon and stars in the heavens during the creation week.

  • We know the sun moon and stars are for days and years, Genesis 1:14 tells us this.

  • We know both days and years are elements of "time". Scripture tells us to count the days to our Sabbaths.

  • We know the Roman Church was nowhere to be found during the week of creation.

    • So the Roman Church could not have had any say in the original calendation.

  • Given these simple facts, we can know, one is counterfeiting the other.

    • Do you care to guess who counterfeited whom?

  • Daniel 7:25 states, there would be an entity that would later change both times and laws of the One who has created all things.

  • We know the Roman church changed the 10 Commandments of our Creator.

    • They expunged the second commandment dealing with idolatry.

    • They also took the 10th commandment, doubled it, making the 9th and 10th.

  • 1) The Roman Church changed the laws of the Torah. 2) They also changed how man reckons time.

    • It has altered every aspect of time that regulates a day, when and how it begins.

    • Even when a year begins and what commands its beginning.

    • Hence today, the entire world, knowingly or unknowingly, wanders after the "Gregorian Calendar".

  • If you take a short time and think about it, there is hardly a single aspect of our entire lives that is not dictated, directed, and ruled by the Roman Catholic Church, the sad fact of the matter is, most people have no desire to research these truths.

    • The changes Rome has made over the centuries, now has the world "trained" to utter their pagan deities daily.

    • These changes include, but are not limited to, the pagan names of the days of the week, months, also includes the multiple pagan holidays man so dearly clings to, singing praises to these pagan deities/gods introduced by Rome.

    • Multiple times daily, in routine life, man utters the words of these pagan gods.

    • Exodus 20:3, Exodus 23:13, Deuteronomy 8:19, Joshua 23:7.

    • Yes, I hear those proudly broadcasting, "We are a new covenant Christian and it requires you no longer to keep these laws." We will cover this myth in significant detail. The fallacy most Christians cling to in this untrue statement. There are so much more of Rome's standards it centers your lives on. We will cover many of these misconceptions of the Roman church in significant detail soon.

    • This is very important to understand, the Roman church has purposefully, and successfully removed the name, the memories, and the true calendar of our Creator from the minds of man.

    • Today, Rome has without question succeeded at conquering its goals, causing all mankind to recognize the gods of this beast power.

    • "The Calendar of Creation" YouTube channel extends this website. View the current presentations there today. We will add more content soon.

So much more could be said about this, but let's move on.

Our Creator has His way
He gave man the gift of time

Creation - Genesis 1:14
And Yahuah said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years

all the world wandered after the beast

Rome has her way
Rome gave man years of her wars

The red and white image just to the left of this text is a bit out of date. There are still some countries that have not yet adopted the Gregorian calendar. Saudi Arabia just adopted the calendar in 2016.

When this world was created, our Creator placed His calendar in the heavens for all mankind to witness, to know both His “days and years.”

Click to see how years, months and days are referenced in the Scriptures?

Originally the new moon was celebrated in the same way as the Sabbath

The Julian calendar was allowed to drift out of sync with the seasons. Pope Gregory's task was to bring Easter back in line with the first full moon after the spring equinox. BTW, Torah never tells us to celebrate Easter, EVER

One is the "seventh-day" of Exodus 20:8-10

The other is NOT

Saturday on the Gregorian calendar, is Not the Sabbath of creation.
The seventh-day of creation is of our Creator.
The seventh-day of the Gregorian calendar, Saturday is of a Roman pagan god.
The seventh-day of creation, is again mentioned in Exodus 20:8-10.
The seventh-day of the Roman Gregorian calendar . . Well, we have been warned about that in Daniel 7:25
Saturday is the seventh, pagan-day of Pope Gregory's, Gregorian Calendar, an abomination to our Creator.

In the earth made new, our Creator will once again call His people to His feet for worship,
using what He has created, placed in the heavens, all based upon the phases of the moon.

From one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another

Why are pagan named week days of the Gregorian calendar,
NEVER mentioned in Scripture?

This in the context of the seventh day Sabbath . .

Exodus 23:12-13, Six days thou shalt do thy work, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest: that thine ox and thine ass may rest, and the son of thy handmaid, and the stranger, may be refreshed. And in all things I have said unto you be circumspect (careful, vigilant), and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

Remember, the Gregorian named weekdays? They are all of pagan origins.
And yes, when we utter their name, we are paying homage to that deity.
It does not differ from when we call out to our Creator by his Name. Similarly, when we use the pagan weekday names, their names are being used in remembrance of. Learn more here

The calendar the world follows today, every day of the week is named after a Roman pagan god.
We are called to "GET out of her . ." Revelation 18:3-4
To read Scripture verses, hover over with mouse

We will bring to light the unique language of Scripture concerning time and calendation.
Why it is still significant even in today's world?

Below are examples of Scriptural calendation language.

To read hover your mouse over the verse.

Leviticus 23:39

1 Kings 6:38

2 Chronicles 29:17

Zechariah 1:1

Luke 1:26

Ezekiel 8:1

Notice in the Scripture verses above, all Scripture verses are "counting from," something . .
All days are counted from a "New Moon," this is the only, language used in Scripture.
Did you notice in the 6 verses above how the language is regarding counting years, months, and days?

1 Kings 6:38 - "And in the eleventh year, in the month Bul, which is the eighth month, was the house finished throughout all the parts thereof . . ."

No mentioning of the Roman pagan gods in those verses, nor will you find any anywhere in Scripture.

Again, all elements of time were established on the 4th day of creation.

Please take the time to enjoy a video presentation.
Click on an image below, that will open the video in a fresh page so you can later return here.
Or you can click here to go to our video page.

What times have changed from creation?

  • When a day begins
    • Scripture tells us at sunrise.
      • The Roman church insists at midnight.
      • The world has wondered after the RCC method.

  • When a week begins
    • Scripture tells us 4 times after a new moon.
      • The Roman church insist on a written document severed from the heavenly bodies.

  • When a Month begins
    • Scripture tells us following a new moon.
      • The Roman church insists on honoring their pagan gods.

  • When a year begins
    • Scripture tells us in the year's spring.
      • The Roman church insists the dead of winter to appease their gods.

  • Rome has changed or removed all our Creators feast days
    • Yahua's feast days that show His plan of salvation
    • The spring feasts demonstrate what has already been done on our behalf
    • It is the fall feasts that show what is yet to take place on behalf of believers
    • Is it any wonder why Rome has worked so hard to remove the feast days from the minds of man?

Gregorian Reform
Gregorian Calendar
Click to enlarge
Detail of the tomb of Pope Gregory XIII celebrating the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.

Why has he changed times?

Lucifer is a fallen angel who desired worship in heaven. They cast him out and for him to receive worship; he must take the focus off the One who gave us His seventh-day Sabbaths.

Remember, our Creator gave us a seventh-day rest based on the lights in the heavens. Genesis 1:14 It is Lucifer who has removed from the minds of man the original created heavenly luminaries given for time, replacing them with a calendar that hangs only on the walls of a man's home. This is the calendar the world wanders after today. Revelation 13:3

Today, Lucifer has completed his work by substituting the lights of creation with calendars fashioned by the hands of man, changing the resulting day (he shall think to change) the Scriptural seventh-day Sabbath, effectively taking worship from the very one who has created all things, as well as changing the 10 commandments Daniel 7:25

Lucifer's Anticipated "Will"

Fall of Lucifer Isaiah 14:12 The book of Isaiah reveals a fallen Lucifer, where only a few years prior to the crucifixion, revealed his true desire while he made these demand of his Creator,

"All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." Matthew 4:9

Yes, it was Lucifer who while demanding worship said in Isaiah 14:13-14,
  • I will ascend into heaven
  • I will exalt my throne above the stars of Yahuah
  • I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north
  • I will ascend above the heights of the clouds
  • I will be like the most High.

                        Lucifer did not stop there.

. . . all the world wondered after the beast. Revelation 13:3

HOW has "all the world wondered after the beast?"

This Is How . .

The Entire World Has Adopted The pagan Roman Gregorian Calendar,
(Changed His Times, (AND Laws))

The World Now Wanders After the Beast Power system of Roman calendation.

Why is this important to know?

Because by Rome changing the "Times" as prophesied by Daniel 7:25
(You remember, the "days and years" as established at creation, Genesis 1:14)

This shows Daniel was correct.

There has never been an entity other than the Roman church that has changed the entire worlds "Times". Besides the changing of our Fathers "Time," remember, the Roman church ALSO changed His 10 Commandments !!!

Rome has placed the "Gregorian calendar" on the walls of every home in the world, thus taking mans eyes off the heavenly calendar and the minds of man off the appointed times our Creator has set aside for His people.

It has taken the Roman church over 300 years to achieve this goal, but they have.
One of the few countries still holding out was Saudi Arabia,
they just switched to the Gregorian calendar in 2016.

This is SO apparent and in plain sight.
His calendar placed in the heavens at creation gave us His "days and years"
Genesis 1:14

all the world wandered after the beast

From one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another

Genesis 1:14, Psalm 81:3, Psalm 104:19

Our Creator Alone is to be Worshiped.

At this point, we wish to make a point very clear; this site does not promote the worship of the heavenly bodies, nor any other entity on earth or below. We worship only the Creator of all things, but at the times He alone has appointed. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate from Scripture the Sabbaths the world wanders after today, Saturday's, Sunday's etc. are not the Sabbaths our Redeemer has established at creation. Exodus 34:14, Deuteronomy 11:16, Psalms 95:6 One day very soon, just as in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel 3:5 Rome will insist on "Sunday" worship. It will be encouraged by the Vatican as "Family time," a "World day of rest." Do Not Do It. Read on, we will further explain.

Understanding His Will Becomes A Life Changing Experience.

I can promise, if you choose to be obedient to the Father Creator of this world, what you are about to learn; will forever change your life. The information contained in the pages of this site will not be shared from your churches pulpit; there is a reason for this.

All of Scripture is about Our Creator calling His people back to Him. Revelation 3:20 From the earliest pages of Genesis to the closing words of Revelation, it is the intention of our Heavenly Father to share with each and every soul His plan of eternal salvation. Isaiah 43:10-11

Will You Follow The Ways Of Our Creator?

Sadly, I can tell you this, before you even finish reading this home page, your mind will begin to move toward your comfortable life. You will begin to ask yourself, "What is this going to cost me?" This can have serious economic impacts, as people desiring to follow the Sabbath today according to the Scriptural Lunar calendar; they will find themselves having to ask for days off during the standard Monday through Friday workweek. This would not be just once or twice a year, but every week. Obviously, most employers and fellow employees will not look upon this schedule favorably.

Allow me to remind you, the time spent on this broken earth is only temporary, I know you know this, but, regardless of that knowledge, most readers will base their decision on the comfort they enjoy this day, forgetting the promise of Heaven future. As oddly as it may seem, because of the sacrifices one may very well need to make with their job, in order to keep our Fathers true Scriptural Sabbaths, the majority of who read this will place a monetary value on the decision they make, stating, "I am not changing my lifestyle for Him."

Many others will base their decision on what their pastors have preached or not said from the pulpit, failing to remember the majority of churches are controlled by what can or cannot be said because of an issue called 501(c)3 rules. Rome has altered time to such an extent, in such a subtle way over the centuries, the common person is no longer capable of recognizing what our Creator had originally intended.

Our Message

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate in a clear and concise manner, this hierarchy is in place for one reason, and one reason only. If you get nothing else out of your understanding of why the world is in the state it is in today, understand this, Lucifer's number one dominating aspiration is to take worship from our Creator. How he has achieved this, and why, is what this site is designed to share.

The world we experience today is not the world intended by our Creator. This is a fallen world, a world where pain, sorrow, and constant conflicts are played out daily.

How Lucifer has achieved this is prophesied within the pages of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Its historical conclusions line the walls of our literary libraries. Especially today, in this day and time, we are observing the closing moments, as if it were being played out center stage. Prophecy of Scripture is being fulfilled with the greatest of accuracy.

Prophecy of Scripture is history written in advance, History, is Scripture fulfilled.

After his fall to this earth, just as Lucifer spoke directly to Eve. He also "speaks" through/too his workers of darkness here on this earth today.

Genesis 3:1-5
1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field that Yahuah had made. And he said unto the woman, [Yes, here we have Lucifer "speaking" to Eve] Yea, hath Yahuah said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 2 And the woman said unto the serpent, [Now we have a "dialog" taking place] We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: 3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Yahuah hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4 And the serpent said unto the woman, [Please notice, there is a "conversation" taking place here] Ye shall not surely die: 5 For Yahuah doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

That is a lot of "dialog" going on. Please notice, Eve "spoke" directly to the serpent; that constitutes a very real means of "communication."

Do not miss this point. Lucifer does, and is perfectly capable of communicating to a human through the means of a mouthpiece.

It is not the intent to discredit, nor is it our intent to speak in a hasty manner against any religious denomination. Historically, scholars of the Scriptures have, for centuries, cited certain denominations to be involved in specific prophecy. These prophecies, without hesitation will be spoken of throughout this website.

Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:11
The above illustration demonstrates in summary, Lucifer's current reign of power. His hierarchy if you will.

1:    a: A ruling body of clergy organized into orders or ranks each subordinate to the one above it;
            especially: the bishops of a province or nation

        b: Church government by a hierarchy

2:    The classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social,
        or professional standing; also: the group so classified
  1. Lucifer
  2. Rome
  3. Banking, Illuminate, Freemason
  4. Mankind

From his fall, Lucifer has had only a single goal . . . To - Be - Worshiped.

Lucifer said, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Matthew 4:9

His fall to this earth

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:12

This has been his driving force

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of Yahuah: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Isaiah 14:13-14

Lucifer wishes to destroy every living soul

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8

What is the point?

You have heard the word "chronological?
Meet Mr. Chronological himself, Kronos, god of time.
Exactly this, in Lucifer's quest for worship, over the centuries, he has worked through many entities. Beginning with Eve in the garden, he managed to ostracize her from the perfect life they enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. Again, this is his main goal, to "separate" us in EVERY way from our Creator's love.

Persecute enough people over time for looking to the heavens for "days and years" will move them away from their understanding of the heavens and its purpose. History demonstrates, this is precisely what happened over not too many centuries. "Daniel has prophesied, history has fulfilled." Daniel 7:25

No better way to remove the function of the luminaries from the minds of the whole world, thus achieving his ultimate goal, to take worship from his Creator. He knew the feast days demonstrated the plan of salvation, this He did on our behalf. He also knew the luminaries in the heavens regulate our Father's true lunar Sabbaths of creation. Genesis 1:14

Daniel 7:25 declares,

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws.

Rome declares,
The Pope has the power to change times, to abrogate laws, and to dispense with all things, even the precepts of Christ. The Pope has the authority, and often exercised it, to dispense with the command of Christ. - Decretal, de Tranlatic Episcop. Cap. (The Pope can modify divine law.) Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dictionary.

To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority.

The battle lines have been drawn. Through the means of changing of times as prophesied by Daniel, Lucifer has succeeded in changing every element of time, as we know it, thus, successfully removing our Creators true lunar Sabbaths as beckoned by the lights of the heavens, from the minds of man.

Is This A Salvation Issue?

The first four of the 10 commandments establish our relationship with our Creator. The second group of six is how we are to care for mankind.

This entire message is about how Lucifer has taken worship from our Creator. Bestowing upon himself worship belonging to his Creator. It is the fourth commandment this message brings to light in an attempt to restore worship back to the Holy One.

Scripture tells us,

In times of ignorance, Yahuah winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent. Acts 17:30

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. 1 John 3:4

Yes, this is a salvation issue; not keeping our Fathers Sabbaths is a breaking of the fourth commandment.

Lucifer has, and will continue to do everything in his power to keep man in sin. Sin separates us from our Heavenly Father. This is Satan's paramount goal, keeping the world blinded, and unaware they are breaking the fourth commandment. There are so many who love our Creator and desire to do His will in keeping the true "seventh day" of the Scriptural Sabbath as it commands us in Exodus 20:8-11. If one believes this commandment is not important to our Creator, please explain why it goes into such detail in multiple verses, all other commandments are mentioned in single verses.

Remember, Pope Gregory's seventh day Saturday is NOT the seventh day Sabbath of our Creator, his is merely a manmade paper calendar hanging on the walls. It is our Fathers Sabbaths only that is a memorial of His creation. Doesn't it make perfect sense that His time keeping method would have been placed in a position the entire world might see it, and read it? Psalms 19:1-3, Psalms 97:6

Gregorian Saturdays, those are a failed counterfeit, bringing glory only to Lucifer and the heads of Rome.

As we each continue to grow in His knowledge, moving closer to His will, only then can we say, I have surrendered myself to the One who has given His all for me.

Be Blessed In All You Do.
David Vander Toorn

The material contained on this site may freely be share, unchanged, within your circle of friends.